Tuesday, October 12, 2010

RTT: Weekends and hunting widows


So it's Tuesday again.  Some how it always comes around to Tuesday--like it's a pattern or something.  Well let's random up and get with it.

  • We had our first cold weekend.  It was cloudy and gray and rainy.  It just screamed for snuggling on the couch and watching movies.  And soup.  Sunday called for soup and bread.  So I made ravioli soup and focaccia bread. It was delish!
  • I will be a hunting widow for the next week.  Nick is heading across the state to hunt with friends for the wily wapiti (elk) and the fleet footed deer.  We are hoping he gets one of each--he's going up early. The guys at Elk Camp have decided that since Nick has yetto knock over his own elk(he's helped on like two or three now) Nick get the first shot this year.  Bring back a big one, Baby! 
  • What is it about fall that makes me want to cook?  All summer I had no motivation to cook.  Now it gets cold and look out kitchen, here I come.  It's crazy.
  • Laundry defeated me this weekend.  I still have towels and sheets to do.  The clothes are all done, folded and put away--that counts right?  Shut up towels--stop mocking me from the basket you sit in.
  • Is it just me or are the Allstate auto insurance commercials with the guy who is 'mayhem' kind of really annoying?  I particularly dislike the one where he is a teenaged girl in a pink SUV.  There is something just creepy about it.(I had to go look up which company these were for--great marketing if you can't remember who they are for.)
  • Turbo is counting the days to How to Train Your Dragon comes on DVD.  We are going to rent it Friday(if we can) so he can watch it then.  He is very excited.  I'm sort of looking forward to it too.  It looks cute.
  • Bruiser love chips ahoy cookies.  He will 'talk' and yell and try to get one every trip into the kitchen.  It's cute but frustrating.
  • Turbo has decided he makes a great window.  He loves to stop right in front of the TV when it catches his attention.  Unfortunately we are often watching those shows too.  He has not developed the talent to be transparent yet, so he makes a lousy window.  Move it, Turbo!
  • Great news on the work front for me--I have been part time--19 hours--and I'm going to be going full time with benefits.  Woo hoo!
  • Any one got any bright ideas on how to stop the love affair Bruiser has for his pacifier.  He going on 21 months now and they really need to go away but the yelling and the crying--oh, man they wear me down.  And there is no reasoning with him.  Help!
And on that note I'm out of random for this week.  Have a great Tuesday all!  Oh, and go see Keely for more random--everyone's doing it.


  1. Ahhh, the paci. We did it in stages. Stage 1: Limit it to the car and when he's in bed. Stage 2: Limit to just in bed. At this point we got it down to just owning 1 paci, he got it every night after bath. (at one point we had 8, just in case...) Stage 3: "Lose" it before bed time. I actually did this while PB was away, and never looked back. I think it had to do with luck, though.

  2. I never had a to break a kid of the pacifier but someone told me that they hid them and said the garbage men took it away and magically, the kid accepted that. I've also heard cutting the ends off will make them not want to suck it and they'll get over it. Both seem cruel but we all must learn to live with disappointment. :)

  3. That soup and bread meal is right up my alley. Yum.

    I remember the days of being a hunting widow...it was before kids so not a big deal, but now it would drive me insane. Bad enough he left me for three days for fishing...

    Neither of my kids ever took a pacifier. Believe me I tried, but they were not interested.

  4. Mayhem annoys the crap out of me too...oh and How to train your dragon is a great movie!

  5. Mama Badger has a handle on our line. That's exactly how we did it and rid Sprite of the dreaded paci by 15 months.
    Congrats on the job front! Wonderful news!

  6. Congrats on the full-time and benefits. What Mama Badger said for the paci.

  7. i totally enjoy that guy and i don't know why. reminds me of danozo from ncis and i am slightly in love with him too. i hate annoying guys, so i don't know what the deal is.

  8. My husband thinks he is a good window, too.

    Maybe try "trading" the paci for something... like a soft teddy bear, or a blankie. But then again, he may just start sucking on the bear or the blankie...


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