Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Random Tuesday

And it's Tuesday.  Comes once a week, you'd think I'd be used to it by now.  Some how it always kinda surprises me though.  Anyponder throw up (on second thought don't, I had to clean up after the cats and the dog this morning, I've had enough throw up, thanks) your random thoughts and link with Keely--everyone's doing it.

  • Eighteen months olds are impossible to reason with.  You can't explain anything to them.  Bruiser has wants, and can indicate them, but does not understand when I tell him he already has a snack and does not need another one that is just like what he has.  The screaming get to be a bit much after a while.
  • Last night I tooted and had the presence pf mind to blame the cat that was sitting on my lap at the time.  I haven't lived with all these guys for nothing.  Blame it on someone or something else--always.
  • I'm trying hard to find my scrapbooking mojo.  It's not going well.  The desire is there, the get to it is not. Maybe once hunting season is over and Nick can spend some time watching the boys--especially Bruiser--I will be able to get going on Bruiser's baby book.  I so don't want him to be the clssic second kid who has nothing in the book while his older brother has two--one baby, one for the first year.  Yeah, I have really been procrastinating, and finding excuses for not doing any scrapbooking.  
  • Got the car washed yesterday.  It sprinkled last night.  Just enough to leave spots all over the car.
  • Has anyone seen the commercial with the moon rover and the hip hop song Jump?  It's here if you want to see it.  Nick loves this commercial--it makes him laugh and now Bruiser will dance when it comes on TV.    It's so cute.
Well that's my random, go check out Keely's for more random thoughts.


  1. scrapbooking is hard with little ones - mine always want to "Help"

  2. I have promised John over and over that I would finish Sprite's baby book by the end of the year. Back in January. I wonder if he's forgotten that promise..

  3. I gave up on the scrapbooking idea. My kids each have a "memory box" in which I cram all the krappe I think should be saved. Great parenting, I know.

  4. We all blame the dog. And unfortunately half the time it is her, and she smells worse than all of us put together. I hate that dog.

  5. 18 year olds are no piece of cake either.

  6. My truck only gets washed when it rains...its how I roll

  7. I feel ya on the 18 mo pain. Nice that the only thing they understand is their own wants. Mine is needing to understand that I WANT to beat him when he screams like a banshee.


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