Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Hodgepodge Kind of Day


1. What does/did Halloween look like at your house this year? Did you decorate? Pick pumpkins? Carve pumpkins? Expect trick or treaters? Wear a costume to a party or event? Make a costume? Feel glad you didn't have to come up with a costume? Cook a Halloween themed treat? Eat all the leftover candy?
So we didn't do Halloween up very big this year.  Bruiser dressed up:

We went trick or treating with cousins and Bruiser made out like a bandit. We didn't carve pumpkins or decorate at all.  with the new house buying and trips out of town for that, Halloween sort of lost out.

2. What are you waiting for? Elaborate
Life seems like a whole series of hurry up and wait right now.  We are waiting for swim season for Turbo, waiting for Thanksgiving, waiting for the school year to be over and waiting for the big move in June.  I know that the time will go faster than I want it to, but at the same time the waiting can get monotonous.

3. Do you wish you were friendlier, braver, more creative, more athletic, or something else? Explain.
There are times when I wish I was more extroverted.  New situations would be much easier to handle if I was.

4. When it comes time to paint are you a do-it-yourselfer or do you hire someone? What was the last paint job completed at your house? What room most needs painting now? How do you feel about wallpaper?
We are totally do-it-youselfers.  I don't mind painting, but Nick hates it.  The last paint job done at our house was Bruiser's room. We painted and put up a wainscoting.

Of course this was a couple of years ago.  The bathrooms both need to be repainted, but with us moving, I don't think they will be done any time soon.  Maybe the tenant will want to paint the upstairs one...

5. What is one specific thing you felt gratitude for in the month of October? 
I was grateful that the house buying process we went through was smooth and easy.  It had been 20 years since we last bought a house and the process was very smooth for us.

6.  Insert your own random thought here.
Last February we got a Siamese mix kitten. She is a character.  Very demanding, loud and a total klutz. We love her to death but she can be completely annoying when she wants something.  She loves to leap and dance after a toy when we dangle and swing through the air.  She plays fetch better than the dog. She is our Freya.


  1. We had similar issues: the house is almost ready to sell and half our stuff is in storage so we just didn't decorate.

  2. I'm glad your home buying went smoothly. I've had easy and less than easy experiences as both buyer and seller (definitely would rather be the buyer!) but usually things work out and you end up in the house that was meant to be yours. Your little trick or treater looks great!

  3. We're looking at a big move in June, too. Enjoyed reading your hodgepodge. Hope you have a good rest of the week!


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