Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Tuesday Randomness

Hey!  It's Tuesday!  Comes around every week.  Thankfully it's not Monday, but it is still too far to the weekend. Let's get all random, shall we:
  • Turbo starts swimming at the end of the month.  He's still duking it out with his French grade, but he's trying. He has a crazy schedule and not much of a Christmas vacation with practice and meets, but he should enjoy it.
  • I live in a house of guys.  This is very appropriate:
  • It is so hard to believe that next week is Thanksgiving.  Where is the time going? It is zipping by far faster than it should.
  • I looked into it and it was 8 years ago this month I started blogging.  I have made some wonderful friends, seen some come and go, but I still enjoy having a connection.
  • Just a thought, why can't Mac n Cheese boxes be easier to open?  Why don't cereal bags have zip tops?
  • A happy Thanksgiving to all.
Have a great week!
Stacy Uncorked

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