Thursday, November 30, 2017

Writer's Workshop: Comfort

Prompt #5: List 7 things that bring you comfort.

1. The cozy feeling that my living room gives me.  Yes, our current living room is quite cozy, aka small. I like the feeling that it is nestled around me.  I think it make my hubby just the slightest bit claustrophobic. But I like it, especially in the winter time.

2. Reading a good book.  Or reading several good books. I like reading from real books and from my Kindle.  It's kind of an addiction. It lets me escape stress and not worry about my problems for a while.  I love knowing I can dive into a book and feel at home with an old favorite.

3. Chili, clam chowder, ham and bean soup, chicken and dumpling, chicken and noodle and beef stew are comforting.  Not exactly the most healthy, but oh so yummy.

4. A hug from one of my guys is comforting.  Sometimes the timing is strange, but I do love hugs from them.

5. My warm flannel pajamas are comforting.  Being able to snuggle up and be warm and settled in to read for the winter--bliss!

6. Having Freya, my cat come snuggle down on my lap is comforting.  She is a total cat in that she snuggles on her terms, but she does snuggle frequently and it's lovely.

7. Being around family.  As much as family can drive you nuts, I do love being around mine.  I miss my mother all the time since she passed and am grateful we still have Nick's folks and that my boys have a good relationship with their grandparents. That we are also friends with members of the family is a bonus.

So there are 7 things that bring me comfort. What are yours?

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  1. Sounds like bliss to me!! Having all my kids home brings me comfort too. I'm sort of dreading when they are old enough to be hanging out with friends at night.


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