Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Tuesday adn Random

Hey, everyone!  How was the holiday?  Did you have a wonderful, family filled Thanksgiving? We did.  Then we made a flying trip to Casper to visit the new house and get Nick settled for the week.  He will be back here on Friday.  This being split between two towns is a bit confusing, but only til next June once the boys finish this school year.  And on to the random:
  • Turbo started swimming for the high school team.  He swam last year for the Junior high and his fisrt comment about the high school is is was way more organized.  He seems to be one of two freshmen swimming this year.  The other freshman is also in his science class. Go Turbo!
  • We got Nick a small tree for the house in Casper so he could feel festive for the season:

  • It's not huge, but at least he has a tree.
  • I feel just like this:
  •  And I always forget the 2000s when I'm thinking back in time:

  • And for a final funny for today, You truly can't unsee it:
Have a great week!
Stacy Uncorked


  1. That's a lovely little tree, i hope he enjoys it.

    Congratulations to Turbo making it onto the swim team, i hope he has a great year.

    My problemis that i've been tired since i was a child -- i never had that "boundless energy" they talk about children having, and i wonder about it.

  2. Glad the new house stuff is coming along. We're working towards that too and it makes the holidays feel so discordant!


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