Monday, July 20, 2015

And, Monday!

Not so sure I'm ready for it to be Monday, but it's here all the same. This last weekend was quiet, for the most part--far busier for Nick than me.
Nick had his Archery Tournament, the 3D outdoor two day event. He had things a bit easier than last year as he was president this year and the vice-president runs the shoot. He did well, gettting second place in his division.
I on the other hand did next to nothing productive.  Oh the laundry is sort of done--I have folding to do and towels still to wash, but a migraine derailed me yesterday.  I hate migraines.  Today will be better.

On to MMMM.  80s music, but with a twist--the songs must be funny 80s songs.  So here goes:

Weird AL Yankovic with Eat It(1984):

Ray Stevens with The Shriner's Convention(1987):

Ray Stevens with Mississippi Squirrel Revival(1984):
Ray Stevens was a favorite of my brother and I when we were kids.  Fun songs.
Go see  Stacy.

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