Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Almost Like a Vacation

So, we took an extra day off for the holiday weekend and we had a great time.  Shall we tell you about it random style?
  • The weather was fantastic for Friday and Saturday.  Our friends had their campers set up at the lake, close to a cove so the kids (and adults) could easily play in the water.
  • We took out our sit on kayaks and they were a huge hit.  So much a hit that several of the people we hung out with just might be getting some of their own.
  • There was also a motor boat that was great for twoing a tube.  Turbo had a good run and held on for the entire ride.

  • Now, I would have been in the water more but...I just so happened to find a board with a nail in it to step on.  Which necessitated a trip to urgent care for a tetanus shot, as I could not remember when I last had one.  I was gimp girl for the rest of the weekend.
  • Sunday we had rain, but since I spent most of it doing laundry it wasn't that bad.  I was totally on top of the laundry too and got everything floded and put away--even the towels.  Go me!
  • We did take Bruiser to see the firework show Saturday night.  He loved it, but wished it wasn't so late at night.  The words of a six year old.

And that was our weekend.
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  1. Great photos of a great family outing!
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