Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Tuesday Time

And we are here at another Tuesday.  It's like some sort of routine.  Let's do this random thing:
  • We have an old lava lamp from way back when  Nick and I had first moved in together.  Isn't is standard to have one of those in your first apartment? Anyway, ours is residing in the basement and we have been using it as a sort of night light.  It gets turned on so we have light to see by when going to bed.  Then it gets turned off. It's a good way to use it.
  • love this:
  • Bruiser loves Batman. He's been dressing up in his Halloween costume recently.  His favorite shirts are Batman ones.  I suppose there are worse superheroes he could be interested in.
  • Turbo is really close to getting his braces off.  Then it's a round of retainers.  He's moderately excited by the prospect.
  • I need this sort of time out:
  • Speaking of superheroes: 
Have a great week everyone!
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