Monday, April 27, 2015

Monday Music

Another Monday.  They do have a habit of coming around.  I could have used another day this last weekend, but alas, no extra day unless I get sick. So on to the weekend activities.
Saturday I got to go thrifting with a friend.  It was fun and I was happy to find a couple denim skirts and a few shirts. I tackled laundry and then we headed over to our cousin's house for shish kabobs.  Things were going fine until I was carrying Bruiser and tripped over a dog and we crashed.  Bruiser ended up with a cut on the back of his head.  That put a stop to the evening quite quickly. He will be fine, but head wounds are so yucky.
Sunday was a slow day for us.  We just couldn't muster up too much enthusiasm for anything.  I still have laundry to fold this evening. Yep, this weekend the laundry defied me and is still not done. I'll get there.
So, since we were so blah, it is a good thing that MMMM this week is pick me up music.

Brad Paisley with Crushin' It:

Carrie Underwood and Miranda Lambert with Somethin' Bad:

Kenny Chesney with American Kids:

Have a good week!


  1. All new to me and enjoyed these :-)

    Have a tanfastic week :-)

  2. Wow did you see that commercial. They have a remake of Poltergeist! They'll never beat the first one that little girl was too cute & too good too! Anyway, good choices here girlfriend.. definitely some pick me up tunes! Great run of tunes.

  3. Awwww! Poor Bruiser! You're right - head wounds are yucky. Glad you're both OK!! :)

    You've chosen three of my FAVORITE songs!! I'm gonna go play 'em again... ;) Thanks for the dance!

    Sun Daze when i’m Day Drinking gotta Shake It Off because I’m To Blame but It Feels Good!

  4. I hope your Bruiser will be fine soon.

  5. Glad you and Bruiser will be ok!
    I love thrifting...omgsh...yes!
    Music is fantastic too!

    Wow, that is a lot of ! LOL

  6. A kid in arm and dog underfoot is not a pretty picture. I'm glad to hear Bruiser is going to be okay. I remember when DS was about 3. He was goofing off in the house, when he tripped and hit his head on the corner of a dining room table chair. Blood everywhere, but no stitches were needed. We patched him up and he was good to go. Scared me to death, though. Great songs to make the week boogie on by! I can't believe it's already Wednesday, can you?

  7. I hope you and Bruser recover from the scare of a fall. Physical wounds heal, but the reminder of the event is just as scary.

    I love the American Kids Song!


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