Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Random Tuesday

Hey, ya'll!  We are finally coming out of the deep freeze.  OK, so not so much deep freeze, but totally tons of snow.  Like close to 2 feet of snow. This morning was the first morning in six days (last Wednesday) that we haven't had new snow. Spring time in Wyoming.  One day you can be out in shorts, the next you can't see across the street for the snow. We call it weather by Sybil. It's just a bit psychotic.
On to the random:
  • With the snow we got the kids got a half day off of school Friday.  Our not-shutting-down-for-anything school district finally admitted defeat to Mother nature and sent the kiddos home early.
  • The weather also caused several pile ups in the interstates.  There were some nasty accidents.
  • Now for a lighter moment:
  • The nice thing about snow this time of year is that is melts off pretty quickly.  We actually have rain predicted for Thursday. See crazy weather.
  • The boys actually got to make a snowman--it wasn't very big, but it was still a snowman from all the snow we got.
 Have a great week everyone!

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  1. Same weather story here in Canada: 3 Seasons all in one day. it's cold in the morning, mild be mid-day, and then it starts to get colder again as the night progresses. We have had sun, rain and snow this past week.

    And today I washed all the winter garments and stored them away till next season. got all the rain and spring gear up to the front entry.

    so of course, it will snow again. :)

  2. We have rain. It's cold...50 degrees...even 36 at night. Brrr. But snow is so pretty!

  3. I love the first graphic. I find talking to myself helps me get things in perspective. I dread the day, as the graphic says, that I start asking myself to repeat what I have just said. But, I'm sure it will happen one of these days. LOL


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