Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Get to Know Me 2018

The get to know me questions:
 1. Share your profile picture if you have one.
Not my profile, but a fairly recent picture.

 2. Who are you named after?
I was named from a science fiction short story that my father loved.  A few years ago, I actually found the short story. It was called Vandy, Vandy
 3. Do you like your handwriting?
For the most part.  It is legible and pleasing to look at.  It's not fancy, but a nice mix of cursive and print that flows for me.
 4. What is your favorite lunch meat?
Pastrami or corned beef.  So very bad for me, but oh so tasty.
 5. Longest relationship?
With Nick Jones, my hubby of 19 years, we have been together 25 years come the end of February.
 6. Do you still have your tonsils? 
Yes I do.
 7. Would you bungee jump? 
Nope.  Absolutely not.
 8. Do you untie your shoes when you take them off? 
Depends on the shoe.  Some need to be untied, others, not so much.
 9. Favorite ice cream?
Mint chocolate chip or strawberry
10. What is the first thing you notice about people?
Whether they are smiling.  It indicates they are friendly, most of the time.
11. Football or baseball? 
Umm, more football I guess.  I don't really understand it, but it is more interesting to watch than baseball.
12. What color pants are you wearing?
Blue jeans.
13. Last thing you ate? 
Last night for dinner: pork chops, rice pilaf and veggies.
14. If you were a crayon, what color would you be? 
A dark forest green.
15. Favorite smell?
Apples.  Says fall and home to me.
16. Who was the last person you spoke to on the phone?
Turbo.  He called after his bus broke down on the way home from his last meet to let us know they were delayed and what time they would probably be home.
17. Hair color?
Natural a dark blond/light brown.  Dyed a dark red.
18. Eye color?
Blue or Green depending on my mood and what I'm wearing.
19. Favorite foods to eat? 
Steak, seafood, Garlicy snacks.
20. Scary movies or happy endings?
Happy endings.
21. Last movie you watched? 
The Italian Job with Mark Wahlberg.
22. Favorite Holiday?
While I do love Christmas, I think my favorite is New Years.  It usually just us, no other family and I enjoy it.  The seafood feast we have is nice too.
23. Beer or Wine?
Depends on the day and the wine or the beer.  Both have their place.
24. Night owl or early bird?
Sadly I have become more an early bird than a night owl. Kids do that to you.  Although, this could be changing as Mom's Taxi runs for Turbo for the next year or so.
25. Favorite day of the week?
Saturday.  A whole day of no work, time with family, time to get things done at home, relax, whatever.  It's lovely.
26. Can you crack an egg one handed? 
Sure, but I make a mess while doing it.
27. Coffee or Tea?
Tea.  I have to put so much creamer and sugar in coffee that it's not really coffee anymore.
28. Favorite go to beverage? 
When out, lemonade.  At home, I love Perrier water flavored sparkling water.
29. Mac or PC?
30. Do you prefer to read or watch TV?
Read, but I do like the TV for background noise.
31. Where are you from? 
I was born in Hollywood Florida, Lived in Missouri, California and finally Buffalo Wyoming. Came to college and met Nick and lived in our college town until this coming spring when we move to a new town. Still in Wyoming though.
32. Where do you live?
Laramie Wyoming, soon to be Casper Wyoming (as of June).
33. Where were you born? 
Hollywood Florida
34. Which of your parents are you closest to?
My father died when I was a baby, so I was always close to my mother.  She passed two and half years ago now.
35. Which of your parents are you more like?
Since I don't really know my father, my mother.  But I look more like my father.
36. What’s one thing you like most about each of your parents?
My mother gave me a love of reading.
37. What’s one thing your parents did that meant a lot to you?
My mother once told me that she thought I was doing a wonderful job of raising my boys. It was nice to know she thought I was doing a good job.
38. Do you have siblings? If so, how many? 
I have one brother, 4 and half years younger than me.
39. Which sibling do you connect with best?
We are not close. I connect better with Nick's cousin's than I do my brother.
40. Do you live near your parents and siblings? 
I lived about 6 blocks from my mother when she was alive.  She watched our boys as they grew and it was wonderful she was able to have that relationship with them. At this point, I am not sure where my brother lives.
41. What is your favorite childhood memory? 
I think at this point is would be the trip I got to take to New York City when I was 12. I flew out to meet my aunt and spent 6 weeks in New York doing all the tourist stuff.  It was fun.
42. What is your favorite way to pass time? Reading, but also fitting puzzles, adult coloring books, cooking and baking.
43. What is your favorite snack? 
Anything crunchy and salty.  Not good for me but tasty.
44. What is your favorite sport? 
Swimming or cross country skiing.
45. What is something you are gifted at? 
I have a good memory for random trivia.
46. What is something you look(ed) for in a partner? A dependable, solid person who love me for all my quirks.  He was pretty cute too.

47. What is something you wish you were gifted at doing? 
I wish I was a bit more craft/sewing oriented.  I know the basics, but it's not really my thing.
48. Are you a fan of any sports team? 
No, not really. Well, I guess if you count college football, I root for my alma mater, the Wyoming Cowboys.
49. Are you a dog person or cat person? 
Cat person, but I like dogs too.
50. At what age did you go on your first date?
I was 16 when I went on my first date.

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  1. Vandy,

    What fun! It's great getting to know you better. You were born in a warm climate and live in a cold one! I want to visit out west but I certainly couldn't live in some of the places that are super cold. I don't do cold well at all. I'm delicate. lol I think cross country skiing would be a nice thing to do if I were younger but I've grown less tolerant of the cold so that's out now. Thanks for playing along! ;)

  2. So much fun getting to know you better! And finding out we have a lot in common! I knew I liked you for a reason. ;) Here's hoping the move in June goes seamless (or as seamless as a move can be). Looking forward to reading all about the new digs! And when I plan our cross-country trip (hopefully for next summer) I'll have to make sure we're driving through Casper! :)


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