Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Random for Tuesday

Hey, everyone! Happy Tuesday!

Let's get random:
  • Turbo tried really hard this last semester, but the two classes he has to write in got the better of him.  Now they are trying to figure out how to get him eligible to compete with swimming again.  Kid has such a hard time focusing and his french teacher had the class do two weeks of in class reading which was very self directed and Turbo does not do self directed well at all.  In english class he had to write a paper.  Again one of the things he doesn't do well without lots of redirection back to task. We shall see what can be done for him.
  • Bruiser has his party this weekend.  Cupcakes, 9 year olds and laser tag. Should be a great day for Bruiser.  Sunday we will have a family dinner and birthday party for him.
  • This one is for my hubby and the fact that when he works in Casper he has a much more traditional schedule.  Where we are now, we have a rather flexible schedule.
  • With the cold weather coming back, we have the coat vs jacket argument more than we should with both boys.
  • This week is a Casper week for Nick, but he did get two (maybe three) extra days in town due to a meeting for work.  It always nice to have him here and we miss him when he is gone.
Have a great Tuesday!

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