Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Cold Random

Yep, it's cold here, but then it's been cold all over.  We just dipped below zero here this morning. It wouldn't be such a big deal but I had to be out in it this morning to take Turbo to swim practice at 6 am.  I have my doubts about there being air out that early. This morning was -8 F.  Far to cold to be outside.

On with the random:
  • So it's Tuesday.  Turbo has a swim meet tonight.  With any luck he can drop more time. He has been doing pretty good with his breaststroke.  He loathes the butterfly and does OK at both freestyle and backstroke. We just hope he can qualify for state.  We keep rooting for him.

  • Bruiser has a birthday coming up.  He turns 9.  I'm not sure where the time has been going but it has been going far to fast.  He gets a Laser tag birthday party with his friends and then a dinner with family after that. He should have a great time.
  • Nick and I binge watched Bondi Beach Rescue yesterday.  It was kind of like visiting the beach, only not sandy or wet.
  •  I made a great pot of Minestrone soup yesterday. I'm liking this whole cooking thing. It does help that after practice Turbo will eat anything as long as it doesn't move. we have taken to calling him The Stomach. Combine growing teenage boy with hard workouts and yeah he's eating like crazy.
  • I went to put my arm around Turbo's shoulders on Sunday and I have to reach up to do it now.  He's taller than me. and only going to get taller. Make me feel just a bit small. I'm still taller than Bruiser, but the way he's growing, not for long.

OK so there you have it, random in our neck of the woods. Have a great week!


  1. Vandy,

    I'll take the house spiders over the air hurting my face any day. Speaking of spiders there was a hilarious news report of a guy trying to kill a wolf spider with a torch lighter (I believe). The a blazed spider caught everything in the apartment on fire destroying the unit. There is no fixing stupid! Just through a bowl over the hairy beast and wait for it to die! Or, if you're too impatient like me get a heavy book, lift, and drop. That usually does the trick every time. :D Hot soup on a cold day sounds wonderful! Have a good week.

  2. Oh yeah, I'll take living in a place where the air hurts my face over the other options you've presented. ;)

    9 already?! Time sure is flying by way too fast!!


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