Tuesday, February 21, 2017


Let's get just a little bit random today.
  • We have had a run of very nice weather recently.  Just about all the ice has melted away.  It's been in the 50s during the day and sunny.  Yes, we have had some wind but still, warm weather for us.  That all ends tomorrow.  We will be getting snow again.  Not sure how much.  Could be an inch, could be a foot. Weather is so fun in it's unpredictability.
  • Turbo gets to start swimming next week for the junior high/middle school.  Yeah, since this is the first year that 9th grade has been part of the high school here, the former junior high is now a middle school--I think.  It's all rather murky.  Anyway, Turbo and swimming.  He's excited. I'm sort of excited.  Mom's taxi gets to go into service.  It's really good that Nick likes to cook, and he's quite good at it too.
  • Tax time.  We do our taxes tonight. Shouldn't be scary, but it's kind of like going to the principal's office for adults isn't it?
  • Freya has been fitting in well.  She loves Thullee.  Really, really loves him. He's less sure of her, but since all his experience of cats was mostly them telling him to stay away at claw point, it's understandable that he's confused by this little cat that wants to cuddle.    
  • Bruiser is in swimming lessons again.  He had to start out in level 3 again (about his 4th time in level 3) but on the second lesson he moved up to level 4.  He was so excited to move up. I had told him he wouldn't be in level 3 for very long.  He was less than thrilled about going to lessons, but he's all excited about them now. I'm just happy he's swimming.
  • I've been finding my mojo, motivation, or whatever again.  I've been cooking more, Nick and I have been doing more things both together and separately.  It's been good.
  • Nick started snow biking.  He has always been a fan of biking, most especially mountain biking, he raced when he was younger.  He had a friend finally convince him to try snow biking and he fell in love with it.  So much so he bought a bike to do it with. (He only rented the bike to try it first) So now Nick is the proud owner of three bikes: the old hard tail mountain bike, the full suspension mountain bike and the snow bike.

So hopefully the weather is good where you are this week!

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