Tuesday, February 14, 2017


Happy Valentines Day!  No really, Happy Valentines!! I know there are those who hate this "holiday" but I like it.  Little kids trade silly cards and candy, I got to have a great dinner with my hubby and the boys Sunday as an early celebration of the fact that Nick and I have spent 23 Valentines together. 

We got together on February 26 1993.  So our first Valentines was February 1994.  Seems so very long ago.  Just about 24 years together. Longer together than not together. Now that is pretty cool I think.

Bruiser had a bit of a sore throat yesterday so we spent the day at home doing what we do when the kids are sick.  We watch Big Bang Theory.  Nothing like a dose of Sheldon and the gang to help one feel better.

The ice has just about melted off here.  It's nice, but I know we have more snow coming.  We get the most snow in the "spring" around here.   I'm kind of looking forward to the spring snow.  It's messy, but doesn't last very long.

Here's hoping everyone has a wonderful day!!

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