Wednesday, February 1, 2017


Bruiser turned eight last weekend.  EIGHT!! I really need to stop blinking, time just whizzes past when I do.  It seems like just yesterday that he was tiny, new and such a cuddle bug.

Now.  Now he is an opinionated, stubborn, talkative, Pokemon obsessed, Batman loving, Youtube watching, mock sword/nerf gun fighting eight year old. He likes riding his bike.  He likes camping and kayaking. He loves four wheeling. He is a trooper when we go skiing.  He just trucks along with non stop babble falling from his mouth.
Bruiser has discovered music, as in 80 rock.  He likes Poison and Bon Jovi. He loves the song My House by Flo Rida.  Radioactive by Imagine Dragons is another favorite. He has been having fun finding music on Amazon Prime.  
He is a very picky eater as far as anything remotely spicy is concerned.  He hates potatoes, except for french fries and mom's home fries.  He adores chicken nuggets, fish sticks and corndogs.  He has found that he likes potstickers and rice with soy sauce (a blessing for when we want to order chinese). The only pizza he will eat is cheese. A rather bland choice, but we have hopes his tastes will improve as he gets older. The kid will eat any kind of pork put in front of him.  He eats chicken just as well.  Not a huge fan of beef, but likes steak.

I love my little man.  He drives his brother nuts (just like any little brother is supposed to) but they do get along fairly well. It will be a wonderful adventure finding out where he goes from here.  Here's wishing eight treats you well Bruiser!!

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