Monday, February 6, 2017

Monday Stinks

Especially the Monday after the Superbowl. Even more so when my hated companion Insomnia comes to visit.  I didn't even drink that much yesterday.  It stinks.

My feelings on Monday. 

And on to other things.  We had a relatively busy weekend.  Nick and I got to have a late lunch on Friday.  Sort of like a date. It was really nice.
Saturday morning Nick took the boys ice fishing, but it was really windy so they didn't stay long.  Bruiser did manage to hook a fish before the packed up to come home though.  It got off the hook as he got it up to the hole to pull it out of the water.  He wants to try again though, so that's good.
The rest of Saturday was kind of just bumming around.  I did make bison burgers for dinner with some bison burger that was given to us.  They were delicious.
Sunday Nick went cross country skiing with a friend and then he took the boys to shoot archery.  In the afternoon we headed to our cousins house for Superbowl fun.  The food was awesome, the commercial disappointing and the game so-so.  Not the biggest football fan here so I had no real investment in either team. It was interesting to see history made with the overtime though.

So that was our weekend in a nut shell.  Some go and some relax and I'm not quite ready to be back at it this morning.  Was your weekend better?

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