Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Hi, Still Alive

Yeah, still here.  Not to diligent with the posting, but still like having the outlet.  I think I can do a bit of random today, so here goes:
  • I have really been missing my mother recently.  I keep getting little reminders of things I used to do with her.  Bruiser had a school program and I was reminded of the last one she got to see.  Nick and I went to lunch and I was again reminded of the Friday lunches we used to do when the boys were little. I just miss her.
  • On a brighter note Bruiser had a very cute school program and he got to be the shark that ran across stage at the end of a song.  It was the punchline of the song.  It was so cute.
  • Turbo has joined the swim team.  He is just getting into the whole idea of a sport. I hope he ends up enjoying it.
  • Our spring break is creeping up on us.  We aren't doing anything exciting this year.  Some home improvement and just hanging out with the kiddos.  Might be a trip to Cabelas for some camping supplies (sleeping bags, sleeping mats, a new tent, possibly ice fishing stuff like a hut/shelter, and whatever else strikes our fancy). There might be a sleep over with cousins and a garage party, weather permitting.
  • This:
  • Although I have been doing better in the meal planning and execution department. I do think I want to introduce a bit of variety, but Bruiser is still a bit picky. Or a lot picky. Yeah, the kid drives me nuts with eating dinner sometimes.
  • Turbo on the other hand is fixing to start eating us out of house and home.  He's right there with the increasing appetite. Swimming will only increase it more.  Goody.
  • Some days are just like:
Hope everyone has a great week!

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