Monday, November 21, 2016

The Start of It All

Or at least the start of the holiday season. Thanksgiving is upon us.  Things start for us on Wednesday. 
Years ago, when I was pregnant with Brusier, we went to our cousin's house for the evening before thanksgiving.  I took a veggie platter and some summer sausage and various types of cheese.  I think I took dill havarti, smoked gouda and a cheddar.  Nice cheese to have with crackers and snack on. I was thinking that having a light snack type of dinner was nice before the heavy dinner the next day.  The cousins fell in love with the idea. 
Although, the kids were less than impressed with the free form dinner offered, they managed to snack along with the rest of us. Now this has become the start of the thanksgiving festivities.  We gather, snack on appetizers and play games.  The most popular game is Cards Against Humanity.  Such a horrible game, but so, so much fun at the same time.
Yesterday, N (cousin by marriage, friend by choice) and myself started the prep work by making a massive batch of cinnamon rolls. Since N had diabetes, we make a batch that has minimal sugar in it so she can enjoy them as well.  Splenda is a wonderful thing.  We made a list, discussed all that we have farmed out to other coming for the holiday and set up times for meeting up to set up.  The festivities commence at her house Wednesday afternoon when her family starts arriving.
Thanksgiving has been held at her house for the last three years.  Two turkeys are made to ensure leftovers and all the trimmings are parceled out so the work load is spread out among the attendees.  We have so much fun and and it family, friends and everyone.
The kiddos, 2014

The Ladies, 2014

One of the turkeys, 2014

A and myself, 2015

The kiddos, 2015

Card games, 2015

The ladies, 2015
 We are definitely looking forward to the fun of this year. Good time will be had.  Hope everyone's holiday is fun fulled, family filled, friends filled and stuffed with good food as well!

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