Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Random Tuesday Musings

Hey, Hey, Hey!  We made it to Tuesday.  Let's get all random:
  • Our furnace has been a problem since the insurance company told us we needed to update the 1960s version the house came with. So, yes, it was old, but it worked.  The new one is really temperamental and we would much prefer if we had one that worked better. Example: Friday night the furnace stopped blowing hot air and Nick went to check on it.  There was a spark and the whole thing sort of went kaput.  Lovely.  We do have a wood stove for back up and luckily we still have wood to burn in it, so we cranked it up and at least had heat for the night.  Nick got his internet google hat on and spent time looking at other people's feelings about this model of furnace.  Not great reviews out there, but he did find a schematic that showed a small 3 amp fuse.  Nick found it and, sure enough it had blown.  We were able to get the furnace up and running again after a trip to Ace.  Once again, I love having a handy hubby!
  • I exercised 3 times last week and two of them were in the morning.  Now to keep it up this week. Can't say I like the mornings, but it does seem I am more consistent when I get up and do it in the morning.
  • This: Cause of geology reasons...

  •  Nick also get the picture printer running again.  This entailed ordering ink, setting up a stand and making sure the printer would talk to the computer.  That last one can be the most frustrating part.
  • I'm very good at this:

  •  Nick brewed a batch of beer Saturday.  He now has happy burping yeast turning it into something tasty.  It's going to be a grapefruit pale ale.  I'm almost looking forward to trying it, even if I'm not a huge pale ale fan.
Well that covers my random for the week.
Join in on the random fun  with  Stacy.


  1. Good job working out! I'm still running but today, I'm joining a friend at the gym for a weights class. We'll see how THAT goes!

  2. Good job on the workouts! I admire your morning commitment. I am so not a morning person and the challenge I am doing is for 8 weeks and you work out 6 days!! Exhausting. My best time seems to be the mid afternoon, but often if it's a busy day... I'm not doing it until kids are in bed at 9 pm! Like just kill me already - my body just wants to sit and relax by that time.
    Every time my laptop leaves the house and returns - we have to re-connect with the printer. What? It's like they don't even like each other. LOL


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