Monday, April 4, 2016

Relax and MMMM

So this past weekend we did nothing too exciting and just really relaxed.

So yeah, I could use more weekend.  Nick got the trim around the wood stove where the tile meets the new laminate floor finished on Saturday--with only two trips to the hardware store. Most of our projects take three or more trips, so this one went pretty smoothly.
Me, myself and I did next to nothing other than grocery shopping and washing towels.  I did get both boys sheets changed.
Nick found a good biscuit recipe.  Biscuits are the one thing I failed at making at our high altitude. 7200 feet makes baking anything a challenge.  Nick found a recipe on line for high altitude and it turned out to be quite tasty.

And now for a freebie week at MMMM:
Marin Morris with My Church:

Eric Paslay with High Class:

Chris Young with Think of You
Have a great week!


Jill said...

I only work 3-day weeks during the winter, I get Mondays and Fridays off in Jan-Feb-March. This was my first two-day weekend in three months, and man, it sucks how fast it flies by. I know I'll get used to it again soon, but it really makes me wish long weekends were more common practice! ;)

Marie Moody said...

You definitely got some rockin' tunes here my friend. It's all an introduction to me... they're so very new, but you have definitely rocked the house!!! Great job and have a rockin' week!!! You're theme is up in my sidebar. Great job... see you next Monday... ~hehehehe~

Colette S said...

I remember having a hard time baking when I visited my MIL also.

Glad your weekend was good.

Thanks for the tunes.

Patrick weseman said...

Nice songs


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