Monday, March 28, 2016

Easter and An About Me MMMM

So we had Easter.  There was egg dying, egg hiding and hunting, chocolate bunnies and jelly beans.  There was a lovely brunch with Nick's folks.  Later, I made cornish game hens.  Those were a huge hit with the boys.  It was fun to eat a whole tiny chicken all by yourself.  Makes you fell a bit like a giant, or so Bruiser said.

Truthfully, I was tempted to do this for the egg hunt, we've had enough snow:
But the fun of egg dying won out for the kiddos.  This year I had help hiding the eggs though--Turbo asked of he could help hide eggs for Bruiser.  I let him help hide most of them, but I still hid a few so he could look for them too. The best one was hiding the orange egg with the oranges.

Now for the MMMM.  This week the challenge is to find 5 songs that are about me.  Here goes:

First up, Brad Paisley with Mud on the Tires.  We are all about finding the dirt road to bumble down, be it in the truck or on a four wheeler:

Next, Shania Twain with Forever and For Always.  This one is all about Nick and I.

Another Brad Paisley, Anything Like Me.  I am the mom of two boys.  Heaven help if they are anything like their father.  I love them anyway!

Next up Martina McBride This One's For the Girls:

And just for the fun: Frankie Ballard with Young and Crazy:
Have a great week!


  1. Whoa, look out I'm in a Brad Paisley kinda mood. Great tunes... thanks for sharin', and have a rockin' week my friend. Thanks for rockin' along...

  2. bWAHAHAHA You didn't dye the eggs??? You're too funny! Sorry I almost forgot... HAPPY EASTER to you and yours! HUGS

  3. Love your Easter Egg meme. I was lame this year and can't believe we didn't dye any at all. Bug got lots of chocolate. Great music!

  4. I haven't yet dyed an egg.
    I really should at least once. haha. Maybe. I will.

    Love that you do the hens. I haven't had one of those as yet either!!

    Love the music.

    have a blessed week!


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