Monday, February 15, 2016

Winter Blahs and MMMM

Well, a bad case of the winter blahs has hit around our house.  We are trying to combat them but it's really slow going.
This weekend Brusier had a birthday party and Nick took the boys skiing, but really, there was a lot of couch sitting.  It was a grey sort of weekend and I'm really looking forward to going some where for Spring Break this year.  Somewhere, anywhere, just out and away. Go do something fun and frivolous.  The hard part is determining where to go and what to do. Spring Break in our part of the country is unpredictable on the weather front and we are kind of shying away from a lot of windshield time.  We shall see what comes up.
I did get laundry washed and dried.  Folding still needs to be accomplished.  I hate folding laundry. But it needs to be done and I'm the lucky nominee to do it.
Valentine's day was nice--we had crab legs and lobster.  Got my seafood fix in.  Not so much with the chocolate, but I can keep hoping chocolate will magically appear right?

So to recap, I need a beach:

Where I would love to be.

And here's to everyone on the lovely Monday:

Now for MMMM:

Alan Jackson with 5 O'clock Somewhere:

Kenny Chesney with No Shirt, No Shoes, No Problems:
Zac Brown Band with Toes:

May your week be warm and relaxed!


  1. Winter blahs are definitely no fun. We've got that going around here, too - rainy season and all. :)

    Happy Birthday to Bruiser! Couch sitting is always a welcome respite! I'm like you, I don't mind the laundry part - except the folding part. So tedious!

    I made steak and lobster for Valentine's Dinner - also lacking in the chocolate department though, might have to go out and buy some this week to get my fix. :)

    Excellent song choices - right there with you on wishing I were on a beach!!

    My Church may be Upside Down & Inside Out but i’m gonna Hold On to my History

  2. I do desire warm.
    I know you'll find a great place to enjoy this season!

    Love the tunes.


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