Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Randomly Tuesday

Yep, let's get random:
  • I think I've been a bit depressed the last month or so.  Winter blues, seasonal stuff or something.  I just can't find the motivation to do anything.  Everything seems to be a chore.  Well, except reading and snacking.  Those I can excel at.  However the fam would like it if I, you know, cooked dinner, did laundry, cleaned house, did dishes and stuff like that. I'm working on it.
  • I worked out last night.  15 minutes on the elliptical.  Going to try for time tonight.  Might help with the whole motivation thing.  And help with wearing smaller pants. I do have incentive.  Nick suggested we take the kids to Florida, not this summer, but next.  I have a year and a half to be beach ready. I can do this.
  • Totally true for both Nick and I:
  • I am doing a bit better at the meal planning.  We are mostly making the meals I come up with. There hasn't been a Fend for yourself/chicken nugget night in over a week.  I've even been using the left overs so they aren't dying an ugly green death in the fridge (at least not so many of them).
  • We do plan on going for new flooring for the basement this weekend.  It's time to get rid of the carpet and put in something a bit more cleanable.  We like the idea of cork, but will go with what we can find that will work with the tile we have around the wood stove. And lots of area rugs.
 I think that covers my random for this week.
Have a great week!
Join in on the random fun  with  Stacy.


  1. I am also in such a winter funk! No motivation whatsoever! Awesome on the meal planning - I don't even have motivation to go grocery shopping, which our cupboards are sadly in need of! Hope we both can snap out of it soon!

  2. LOL, I have the same superpower. I'm so bad at names! Sorry you've been down, I'm right there with you. I just do not have motivation for the mundane chores, especially laundry. I need a house elf!


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