Monday, February 22, 2016

Monday and MMMM

So, I averted a Monday morning disaster.  Bruiser lost his sock in bed while getting dressed and it was apparently a very big deal.  I found it for him and was able to cheer him up before tears, but Monday tried to strike.
Nick and I had a fantastic Friday night out with our cousins/friends.  We went to Laramie Laughs and saw Bengt Washburn perform. Then we went out for a couple drinks and all together had a fantastic time.  We were adults for the evening. We stayed out late. We had almost forgot what that felt like.
The rest of the weekend was pretty lazy. We did make plans to go get new flooring for the basement next week. And maybe a trip to Bed Bath and Beyond for a new roasting pan and new kitchen rugs.
I did manage to cook dinner both Saturday and Sunday.  That's a record for me recently.  Weekends have been having at least one fend for yourself/chicken nugget night.

Now for MMMM:  Motown Music.  Let's see:
The Marvelettes with Please Mr. Postman:
The Temptations with My Girl:
Stevie Wonder with Superstition:
Have a good week all!


  1. This is good! One each from the Fifties, Sixties, and Seventies!

  2. Well, the 50's and 60's was more my brother's era... I would listen at the top of the stairs while he played his records downstairs in the basement. I wasn't allowed to bother him. hehehehe Did anyway! hehehehehe Part of the later 60's were tunes I listened to too! I use to love playing my records too. Good choices.

  3. Great minds today! Love the picks of course!
    Glad you found the sock!

  4. It's always great to avert Monday's disasters.

    Love the tunes.

  5. Monday's are my least favorite day of the week - and it seemed that last week it ended up being Monday every day! LOL! Love your song choices! Hope you're having a great weekend! :)

    Money (That’s What I Want) to be a Billionaire because I heard It Through The Grapevine that Papa Was A Rollin’ Stone so My Girl please Stand By Me


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