Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Tuesday, Tuesday

So, on with Tuesday Randomness. 
  • Parent teacher conferences went better than I thought they would. Bruiser got glowing reviews.  He is reading above his grade level and doing Math just fine.  He gets along with the kids and his teacher loves him.  All around good reviews.
  • Turbo got better reviews overall than I thought he would.  He still has issues with focusing in class.  He tends to space out, but he's pleasant and cooperative in class.  He has a few classes to catch up in still, got to pull those Ds up some more, but he's working on it without much complaint. 
  • The boys watch for VW Bugs all the time.  However, I put a stop to slug bug when Turbo slugged me while I was driving.  Now we call it. I did enjoy this though:
  • Very good Question:
  • I must admit, I'm looking forward to Halloween this year, as long as the weather holds. THe chances of snow before then are good though. We actually have a 50% chance of snow tonight.  It won't stick, but it will most likely fall.
  • And now for the Halloween nod for the day: 
Everyone have a great day!
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  1. I cannot imagine snow already! It's supposed to be in the 70's here tomorrow! I'm relishing every ounce of Fall I can get!

  2. oh my gosh - I just said the same thing about the cereal bags this morning! Like why??? everything else seems to be... what's the hold up Kellogs?!
    And I have a feeling we will have snow on Halloween too. We've already actually had one snowfall, but it didn't linger and the next day was so hot I was back in flip flops. So it's anyone's guess, I suppose.

  3. LOL, so true about the cereal bags! I feel like that's a million dollar idea. Enjoy your snow! We're finally in a place where it looks like we might get snow this year. I am SO excited!


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