Tuesday, October 13, 2015


Whoot!  Monday is over! Let's get all random on Tuesday, shall we?!
  • Bruiser's left heel is healing.  He still has a significant area that is lacking in skin, but it is healing. It isn't slowing him down at all.
  • The boys get two and half days off school this week.  Parent teacher conferences are coming. Still not a fan, but Turbo has managed to catch up so he's not failing his classes now.  I gave him an incentive.  We have had a Playstation 2, but it recently gave up the ghost.  We still own several games, so if Turbo can get all his grades to a B or better, we will be replacing the Playstation 2 console. Turbo had a few Ds to better, but we are just thrilled that he's not flunking multiple classes right now.
  • Not really concerned about Bruiser's Parent Teacher conferences.  He seems to be sailing along with flying colors.
  • I live with guys:
  • I need to have a conversation with the boys and see what they want to dress up as this Halloween.
  • A protest I can get behind:
And with that, have a great week!
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  1. Ha - fart jokes! you can tell I live with boys too.
    Our parent teacher conferences are coming up soon too. It's always so nerve wracking. Like I am taking a test I forgot to study for.


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