Monday, October 5, 2015

Grinding On and MMMM

Yep, the daily grind is still on here.  We are slowly getting back to a routine.  It still feels like there is a gaping hole in our lives, but that is only normal I guess.
Our weekend was laid back and casual.  Relaxing even.  Nick got to tour the new high school being built with an old friend he has recently reconnected with.  I got a girls night out.  Laundry was done--towels and sheets, easy stuff. Bruiser's ankle is continuing to heal. 
We are helping Turbo catch up in school. With any luck his parent teacher conferences will go smoothly.  Not sure why I dread parent teacher conferences, but they just make me nervous, even though I'm on the other side of the equation from when I was a kid.

And now for MMMM.  THis week's theme is songs about kids or songs from Musicals.  Let's got with songs about kids:
Trace Adkins with Just Fishin':

Kenny Chesney with There Goes My Life:

Rodney Atkins with He's Mine:
There you have it, have a good week!


  1. Great songs. And who should get the drink? I have been on both sides of conference. Being the teacher part of it, sucks. The scariest thing is being the parent who is a teacher.

  2. I picked There Goes My Life too! It's so good! And I too dread those conferences. It's like I think they're going to tell me something about my kid that I never knew or never even saw and I'll feel bad and/or like a failure as a parent. That has never actually happened but that is the fear.

  3. I too have been on both sides of the fence for Teacher Conferences. Either way, they suck. LOL

    Great tunes and work perfectly for the theme.
    THanks for playing!

  4. LOL love the quote :-)

    Nice selections this week

  5. Great pickins' there my friend! You really know how to pick them, and all these songs are really making me very emotional... don't you think? These are beautiful. Thanks for sharing and joining us! HUGS

  6. Good to be getting back to a routine - helps the mental status, if you catch my drift. ((HUGZ!!))

    I am SO right there with you on dreading the Parent/Teacher conferences - not so much with Princess Nagger, because she always gets rave reviews. It's Little Dude who throws a wrench in things (hence the weekly calls from the teacher...gah!!) And I love that quote - definitely need to be serving complimentary Tequila with the conference. Or something. ;)

    LOVE your song choices - I almost picked that Trace Adkins one, but went with the other two instead. ;) They always get me all teary eyed!! :)

    Anything Like Me but Then They Do while Watching You so Let Them Be Little – You’re Gonna Miss This

  7. Conferences coming up for us also.

    Thanks for the music.

    Have a better week!


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