Tuesday, October 6, 2015

And Tuesday

So let's give Tuesday a bit of random funny:
  • It's looking very fall around here.  I like it.  Now for the first snow to fall in town.  Won't be long now.
  • This made me laugh--I like the song, it's fun , but really:
  • There is some truth to this one:
  • I have been loving Netflix and the binge watching of the procedural crime shows, Bones, CSI New York, CSI Miami, etc.
  • I'm thinking that this weekend might need a bottle of wine.
  • and last but not least, the english language is very weird:

Have a great week everyone!
Join in on the random fun  with  Stacy.


Rory Bore said...

Ha - it is rather like Blue Clues!! And I miss that show. that was on my faves when my kids were little.

Pony and bolgona doesn't rhyme for me.. I guess it's one of those tomato/tamato things. we do however have a word "baloney" -- meaning "nonsense." As in that is a bunch of baloney. which, totally rhymes.

Stacy Uncorked said...

Maybe that's why this is my favorite time of year (besides the crisp, cool sunny days) but that the bugs die off! :)

Put the lime in the coconut........ bwahahahaha!!

Yes, I do miss the option of slamming the phone down. Some days way more than others.

LOL! Yep, pretty much like Blue's Clues for adults! And you're binge watching all my favorites. ;)

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