Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Wed. Hodgepodge--I'm Back

So, here I am after an unexpected break.  We had some not so feeling good times at our house.  But we are on the mend now.  So, Hodgepodge:

1. When is your next big deadline? What's it for? I don't really have a deadline right now.  I suppose that plans for summer must be made, but we are sort of letting the grandparents figure that out. The kids are almost self sufficient, for short periods of time anyway.

2. May is National Barbecue Month. Do you prefer cooking indoors or out? What's the best thing about a barbecue? What's the last thing you cooked on an outdoor grill? I love cooking outdorrs--the dishes are much reduced when cooking out and I love Barbequing meats.  It really is a process that demands socializing. The last thing we cooked out was chicken breasts last month.  The weather has not been conducive to cooking out recently--rain and snow are not cooking out weather.

3. What is one thing on your "never again" list? Liver.  I loathe liver.  I will never eat it again.  As for an activity...
Well, We will never travel with Nick's parents again.  We will meet them where ever, but not get there with them. We traveled to Vermont at Chreistmas the year Turbo was 2.  They made all the travel arrangements. Being there was nice, traveling there with a two year old, not so fun.

4. What's something that annoys you about people your own age? Something you love about your generation?
Mostly, the urge to label everything as someone else's fault.  There is not personal responsibility anymore.  Also a lack of common sense n day to day things.
As for something to love about my generation, our ability to adapt to the changing technological landscape.  My generation spans the Atari game system to the Xbox and Playstation of today. We remember phones that were tethered to the wall, the ten pound "cell phone" and VHS movies.  WE have rolled with it all.

5. Lilac, iris, hyacinth, pansy...your favorite purple flower? OH, lilacs are my favorite, they smell so good. I like pansies too.

6. What's a song that always calms you down?
Sugarland with All I Want to Do:

7. What's the last thing you donated? A couple bags of clothes to the ARC thrift organization.  They come once a moth for donations.  We just have to leave the bags on the front porch and they go away.  So nice and easy.

8. Insert your own random thought here.  We are struggling with getting Turbo in a more organized school mode.  He needs more structure than what he has in the junior high.  He needs to be told that something is homework, not told that if he finishes he has no homework because he just does what he thinks he need to to finish, not do the best he can.  It's frustrating. But hopefully we can get him figured out before he has to repeat 6th grade.


  1. Hopping over from the HodgePodge! I totally agree with you about not taking responsibility for one's action and blaming someone else. I think it goes along with that sense of entitlement. I marvel at what changes I have seen but then I think of my 81 year old dad and he has seen so much technological changes the mind boggles at it! Oh and good luck with Turbo!

  2. Structure is so important for some kids. My son's teacher barely gave out homework this year and it made him kind of complacent. I never thought I would fight for homework but I do!

  3. Well liver is a change from all the rollercoaster haters but I'm afraid I can't agree with you on it. Hope you get things sorted out for your son.


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