Thursday, May 21, 2015

Spin Cycle--Teachers

A teacher can make or break a child when it comes to learning.  We have had a mix of good teachers and not so good teachers with Turbo. Thankfully, more good ones than bad.  We are embarking on the journey with Bruiser.  so far, so good.
There truly is a difference between a true teacher and one who merely presents the material and puts the learning on the child. A teacher is interested in how and what the children learn.  They will work hard and not let a child fall through the cracks and fail.
We have skated close to the line with Turbo this year.  Having the Junior High not follow the 504 plan he had has made 6th grade a bit more of a challenge for him. He's scrambling to catch up now but working hard none the less.
As for Bruiser, he is a sponge and is soaking up all he can learn in school and is hungry for more.  It is so gratifying to see him excited to learn. He is so enthusiastic about everything.  He loves his teacher and we really hope that next year he gets a good teacher again.
What are your feelings on teachers?


  1. Teachers have my respect. I could not do it. And their job is SOOOOO important. They don't get enough appreciaton. Glad you have had good ones with the kiddos.

  2. I'm sure it must have been discouraging to not have Turbo's 504 being followed! I hope things go more smoothly for him in 7th grade!

  3. I trust Turbo will catch up with his work and that his next year will go more smoothly.

  4. As a teacher, I'm always disappointed when I hear that some teachers are not as dedicated as others. I hope that you will advocate for your child and make sure the 504 plan is followed. I know you will. Get your assistant principal or counselor involved if necessary. 504 is not just a suggestion; it's the law. It's not a choice for the teacher. So sorry this happened. Glad Bruiser's teachers have been good so far.


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