Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Tuesday Thinking

Hey all, how's things been?  I really do thing it's time for a chat up, don't you?  This Tuesday random is perfect.
  • Things have been...unsettled around our house recently. Work has been going through a sift up and it causing some stress.  Namely will there still be a job type stress. We got good word yesterday that we are safe for at least another year, we don't have to move to another city, and we are appreciated and wanted at work.  Can you say huge relief?  We certainly can.
  • In Turbo news, he's scraping by at school.  Turbo has a 504 plan, but they had a counselor go on maternity leave at the beginning of the school year and Turbo's plan got a bit lost, therefore, he got a bit lost.  We are playing catch up now. It's not that Turbo can't do the work, he just isn't wired to do the work independently. He needs lots of encouragement and prodding.
  • Loved this:
  • In Bruiser news, he's loving Kindergarten and really looking forward to first grade.  He's on the verge of reading and writes relatively legibly.  His spelling is amusing, but he gets his point across. He's even good at the math stuff they have them doing. The kid is excelling.
  • Turbo has started basic algebra.  In other words his math is shacking up with the alphabet.  He's learning it, but seems unimpressed with the mixing of letter into the math.
  • We have finally jumped on the Netflixs bandwagon.  Nick got hooked on The Walking Dead.  I am loving watching episodes of Bones and CSI New York, in order. We are also enjoying the sit-coms that are available like Wings and 3rd Rock From the Sun.  The kids are loving the Cartoon Network shows and kid movies that mom and dad don't really want to watch. It's nice to have the variety, but we did have to up our internet capacity.
  • I have days like this:

How's your week going?
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  1. Sorry to hear about work troubles. Glad things are looking up though.

  2. oh that Netflix is good... and so addictive too! I love catching the shows I missed when they were playing. and the kids selection is great. But yes - it takes up a ton on internet data. we had to up ours twice!

    Ha - that's my plan for sure. do not release the inner nerd until you've reached the 4th level of friendship. Just before you'd make a request like "can you help me move?" LOL


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