Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Tuesday and It's Random

Hey, Hey, Hey!  It's Tuesday.  And we are one day closer to the Holiday season.  Although, the holiday season has already hit the stores.  I keep hearing the ads that promise the lowest prices of the season for the coming weekend. Either things are already as low as they will go, or someone is fudging the prices. Advertises annoy me.

Now on to the random that is floating around in my brain:
  • Bruiser lost his top front tooth last night.  We hit it with oragel, numbed it up good and Nick gave it a yank.
  • And presto, no more tooth.  He now has an adorable lisp when he talks.
  • And of course the tooth fairy came and left him money for it.
  • He has three other loose teeth.  Poor kid is going to be toothless for Christmas.
  • So, we have most of the plans for Thanksgiving set right now.  Just the grocery shopping and cooking to do.  The busier I am the better for this first holiday season without my mom.
  • We have snow in the forecast for tonight.  3-7 inches.  It's not going to fall vertically.  It will be horizontal snow.  Wind does that sort of thing to snow.
  • Exactly when did my boys get so big?
  • I do love them though.  Crazy, annoying, lovable, boys!
Have a wonderful week everybody!

Join in on the random fun  with  Stacy.


  1. I cannot imagine snow already. It's been so nice here lately. Seems more like September than November!

  2. My hubby had to do some "dental surgery" the other day too, and we had no oragel! thankfully my son's tooth was barely hanging on and it didn't take much.
    Oh, the "S" word!! I hope not up here yet. We've actually been enjoying some warm weather and it's been very nice to get the last bit of yard work done before Winter.

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