Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Cold Tuesday

Yes, people, it's cold here.  We got snow last night and there is wind out there and it's frigid.  We can safely say winter is here.  At least it came with the white stuff.  Cold is so much easier to handle if there is snow on the ground too.
Now for the random:
  • Bruiser has a concert at school this week.  I think I have heard most of the songs he will be singing.  The kid likes to sing. It should be a cute concert.
  • Going to be a busy end of the week.  Bruiser's concert, then Bruiser has a birthday party to attend at the bowling alley, and on Sunday we are heading over to our friend's house to make cinnamon rolls for thanksgiving week.  And I get to sneak a round of laundry in there too.
  • And somewhere in there butter rolls need to be made--2 batches.  Thanks goodness for the bread maker--it whips up the dough in no time.
  • As to the whole red cup at starbucks thing.  Ugh, people, it's just a cup.  Not the holy grail.
  • I need chocolate.  That's something to be concerned about.  Or wine.  I could use some wine.
Have a good week all!
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  1. For me, it's a beer bottle but yes, let's check! And I agree; I don't care one bit about the Starbucks cup debate. Why do we create something out of nothing?

  2. I agree, the Starbucks Cup controversy got really silly, really fast. Seriously, are there not more important things to get all up in arms about right now?! Crazy!!

  3. Lucky you getting some snow! Its very windy here but mild for the time of year . I love the cold weather nothing better than being warm with a nice cup of tea lol

  4. LOL - I'd better check this bottle of wine I got here then, because I have lots of questions needing answers. Least of which is why a store would change it's cup design and why it should hurt my butt. *eyeroll*

    mmmmmm, dinner rolls. makes me think of my late grandma - her rolls were the best. we would fight for the last one, seriously.

  5. I don't want winter! I am having so much fun enjoying the fall!! I also do not want to raise my heat anymore haha.
    Have a great week


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