Monday, November 9, 2015

Routine Monday

Yep, things are starting to settle into something resembling a routine again.  Not a humdrum one either.  I still miss my mother at the oddest of times and the the smallest of things will remind me of her, but we are all coping as well as can be expected.  The holidays will be a bit rough, but hopefully we will be busy enough not to dwell on her not being here and be able to remember her joy in being with us.
Nick went Pheasant hunting Saturday morning.  He brought home two birds and they were delicious. He fully intends on going again. He might even be able to go duck hunting with the same friend he went with on Saturday.  Nick is a bit excited about that.
Bruiser's heel is mending up well.  He will have some lovely scars, but if that's the worst, then we are doing OK.  He keeps growing though. The size 6 pants he is wearing are starting to get just a bit tight  and short.  Time to roll him into the size 7 stuff. At least I kept most of it from when Turbo wore it.
Turbo.  Turbo is trying very hard at school.  Math is still biting him, but he isn't failing it at the moment.  He's doing well in his other classes.  And right now he's not failing anything. A momentous occasion. He is still video game obsessed, but loves it when I read to him on our road trips.  Strangely, he has discovered the fantasy section in the school library.  He is liking it so much that he asked me to buy him a book for his Kindle.  Actually a three book set for his Kindle. Actual books with chapters and no pictures. I was so thrilled.

Now on to music:
Freebie week so here we go:
Home Free with Champagne Taste on a Beer Budget:

Dallas Smith with Kids With Cars:

Chris Jansen with Better I Don't:

Have a great week all!


  1. Indeed, sometimes the holidays are rough, but it's in phases right.

    glad Turbo is working hard in school.

    Thanks for sharing these music!

    Have a good day!

  2. Well, of course thanks for stopping by, and rocking the house.... you're duh best! HUGS lOVIN' YOU'RE CHOICES!

  3. Sounds like Turbo and Little Dude have the same things going on. ;) Glad Bruiser's heel is healing up well - scars give character! :)

    Here's hoping you have lots of distractions through the holidays so you have more happy moments than sad. We'll be spending Christmas with my BFF in Nevada to help distract her and her son since her husband died just last month and I don't want her to have to go through such a big holiday alone and sad.

    LOVE your song choices - some are actually new to me! Gonna to check them out again... ;)

    don’t Drag Me Down with Cheap Wine and Cigarettes let’s go High Class so i can be Drunk On Your Love but not Drink You Away


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