Monday, November 16, 2015

Monday With Music

We didn't mange too much this last weekend.  It was quiet and not too stressing.
However, Friday, Turbo had an incident at school.  He had some friends that had been teasing him--ribbing him by calling him a girls name similar to his name.  He finally had enough and turned and socked the kid in the face.  Not the most desired reaction.  With the zero tolerance policy at school now he got suspended for 5 days. He will be at the Youth Crisis Center and be able to keep up with his school work, so it could have been worse. Junior high aged kids are so hard to deal with.

On another note, Bruiser lost another tooth this weekend.  One on the bottom.  Two more are loose.  The poor kid could be toothless by Christmas.

Not much else to share. Looking forward to the festivities that kick off next weekend with the annual cinnamon roll baking for Thanksgiving.

Now for Music.  The theme is Big Band era music.  Not music I am all that familiar with so here goes:
The Andrews Sisters with Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy:

Benny Goodman with Sing, Sing, Sing:

And Bobby Darin with Mack the Knife:
Have a good week all--we look to get snow and almost blizzard conditions.  Fun no?


  1. great music picks ! I love all the old music although my pick today was from the early 70's lol. Have a lovely day

  2. Fab choices especially Bobby Darin :-)

  3. Real friends don't tease. I love Mac the Knife!

  4. Aw man, poor Turbo. Jr High aged kids are definitely hard to deal with - a very tough 'phase' for sure.

    WTG Bruiser! Little Dude is trying to keep up with him in the lost/loose tooth brigade before Christmas. ;)

    Great choices! Always loved the Andrews Sisters when watching old movies with my mom. :)

    In My Daughter’s Eyes i’m gonna Sing, Sing, Sing on the Chattanooga Choo Choo with Teenage Daughters

  5. Go on Turbo!
    I"m sorry, but if a bully wont stop, then sometimes other measures are needed!

    Thanks for rocking the joint with us!


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