Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Random TIme

Hey, Tuesday, nice of you to drop in!  Let's get all random:
  • Last week Bruiser had his school program.  It was adorable.  Any elementary school program is adorable. What was more amusing was the fact that Turbo had swim practice before the program and since the program was at the high school, we took him dinner before the show.  The kid ate two Big Macs, a medium fries and 7 chicken nuggets in like 15 minutes flat.  I have never seen the kid eat so much so fast before. He was a bit surprised at himself. 
  • Speaking of my teenager, yesterday I actually had to look up a text he sent me on the internet to know what he was saying.  Yesterday was truly a Monday with all that being Monday entails and after texting him that Monday had struck he responded with "ikr".  I had to look that up and now know it means "I Know Right?!" Learn something new every day.
  • I am impressed.  Freya has yet to really attack the Christmas tree. there is one blue ball ornament that she does attack regularly, but other than that she's been pretty good with the tree.
  • Looney Tunes in real life?!
  • I have done a countdown calendar for the boys since Turbo was about 3.  It's way easier to show a little boy a calendar and say when the star is in the last slot, that's the day before Christmas. It has worked for years now.  However I do see the appeal of the more adult version of a countdown or advent calendar:

  • Since we do the countdown calendar, and just verbally remind our kids that they must be good for Santa to come, we are very anti Elf on the Shelf.  Although I could totally get behind this type of elf on the shelf:
Well that is my random for the week.  Have a great week!

Stacy Uncorked

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