Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Random Tuesday--Hello December!

Wow.  Where exactly did this year go? I swear just yesterday it was summer and now I blinked and it's the Holidays. Note to self, cease blinking, nothing good happens when I blink...

Anyway on to the random:
  • The countdown is on for Christmas.  The boys got to start the countdown calendar.  Best investment I ever made.  So much easier to explain to them when they were little how long it was until Christmas.t been a while since I had a voyeur spider in my shower.  HTis one made me laugh though:

  •  Thanksgiving was wonderful.  Tons of people, food and we managed to avoid some of the dishes by using disposable plates.
  •  I'm asking for an exercise bike for Christmas.  We want to get the spare room set up as a hobby room and the bike can go there.  There will be a TV and I can pedal through episodes.  Convenient exercise is exercise I will be more likely to do.  Also it won't make my knees and ankles hurt like running does.
  • However, with proper motivation, any exercise is appealing:
  • Those are push ups I could do.  For a while anyway.
Have a wonderful week everybody!
Join in on the random fun  with  Stacy.


  1. Yeah the dishes after any huge meal are such a bear. My husband used to do them but I promised he wouldn't have to do dishes again if he got a vasectomy! Luckily my father did them.

  2. Ha - yes! Wine pushups.

    We get these tiny little white spiders all over the house once the cold weather hits. They are so small and sneaky and show up in the weirdest places. creepy little critters.


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