Thursday, September 10, 2015

Spin Cycle--Summer Vacation 2015

This Spin Cycle is all about our summer vacation.  This summer had it's ups and downs.  Let's see if we can show it in pictures.
We started wioth Memorial Day and a visit to Jurassic Adventure


Fun and bouncy castles
Playing in the dirt

A trip to the outdoor pool

Even the tween had fun.

Fourth of July fun at the lake

Turbo tubing!


Playing in the river when we finally got to go camping

We are so lucky to live near this...

Kayaking on the river

So much fun!
Four wheeling fun.

Good times.

Family fun and making memories.

And finally, our Jackson/Yellowstone trip.

Some geyser gazing

Waterfall enjoying.

Even the almost teen had fun.
Of course the summer was not all good stuff.  We had to put done our old dog Guinness.
He was simply not comfortable and able to get around anymore.  So we said a sad goodbye to him.
Our camper broke in June on our way to go on our first camping run. the front hitch on it went from level to tilted up at a 30+ degree angle.
Where the front hitch was supposed to be attached and level, it was not so level anymore.
We finally got a welder to go to where we had left it and get it fixed.

But quite possibly the worst down of the summer was finding out my mother has cancer.  Colon cancer, stage 4.  We are hoping for enough time to put all her affairs in order and spend just a bit more quality time with her.

So there you have it, Our summer in pictures and a few words.  There were impromptu bbqs and get togethers,  Quick trips to the lake with kayaks, and runs to mountains for four wheel rides. All in all, not a bad summer, but there were parts that didn't feel at all summerish.


  1. Oh good gracious, your kiddos have grown up so much! Beautiful and wonderful pics! Looks like you had a great summer. Bravo on your post. Loved the update.

  2. Looks like a summer full of fun and adventure! I'm so sorry to hear about your mother. There are really no words to say to someone who has a loved one dealing with Cancer, except for "I'm sorry".

  3. I'm so sorry to hear about your mom and your beloved Guinness, both such difficult things. Thank you for sharing both the good and the bad from your summer. The good things look very good!


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