Monday, June 25, 2018

Still here

So, I am still alive. Things with the blog sort of got shoved to the back burner with moving and all that entailed.  We are now just about moved in, well most of our stuff is here in Casper.  I still have boxes, bins and bags to unpack.
The kitchen is mostly done and the bathrooms are unpacked as well.  My clothes are about 75% unpacked. The boys' rooms are just about unpacked.  They have a game room pretty well set up for them to hang out in.
We planted some aspen trees this weekend. It's a sort of memorial for my mother and Nick's great aunt who have both passed away in the last few years. The trees are small, but hopefully we will make them happy so they grow quickly.

With this move, I am a bit lost as to a support group. I don't have friends here, there are potential acquaintances, but no friends and I am feeling just a bit isolated. Nick has been dealing with his own issues as far as this move is concerned.  He is trying to be strong, but his needs are so different from mine.  Extrovert vs. introvert.  Nick is a classic extrovert, I am such an introvert.  It's hard to reconcile these different approaches, but hopefully we will be able to muddle through.

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  1. Hang in there! Time makes everything better in a new location! Enjoy and explore your new surroundings! Prayers you both adjust quickly and happily!


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