Monday, October 23, 2017

Yo, I am Still Here

So, hi everybody!  Yeah, not so many of you left these days. I have fallen off the blogging wagon of late.  But I'm hoping to get my mojo back and start blogging again.
We have had some changes.  The biggest is we just bought a house in a town about 150 miles north.  Work is moving us there so there we go.  We did find a fabulous house though.

It has tons of space and a truly huge backyard.  We do the big move next June so the boys can finish the school year out here, but we will be trickling up various things for the rest of the winter.
We took our first load up this past weekend so we could make the house livable for Nick.  He gets to spend a couple weeks a month up there for work this winter.

So MMMM this week has a theme of Cars, Trucks, Boats, things that move, so here are my picks:

Tim McGraw with TRuck, Yeah:

Miranda Lambert with Little Red Wagon:

Craig Morgan with Redneck Yacht Club
So there you have it, have a great week!


  1. Been wondering where you've been! Glad you're back. Some good tunes here.

  2. Great pickins' here I'd say! How you doin' girlfriend? Hope all is great with you! Thanks for the introductions to these new tunes for me except I've heard the Miranda Lambert one before too cute!!! Thanks for joining us and welcome back! WOO HOO!!!!

  3. Vandy,

    Great to hear you're back in Blogosphere and you're joining the 4M gang on the dance floor. How exciting, a move and new home!

    Well, you and I shared Tim McGraw's "Truck Yeah". I took a different path than usual with my choices and still I'm finding others who match me. :) Oh's great fun nonetheless. Have a tunetastic week and again, it's great to have you back!

  4. Hiya Vandy. I didn't know you had been MIA because I'm a fairly new addition to the Monday's Music Moves Me gang so it's nice to meet you!
    Congrats on the new house. Sounds fabulous! Although moving sure isn't fun but you guys are doing it smart: a little at a time. That should make it a little less stressful. You said you're moving 150 miles north; where are you now? In what state?

    Liked your song picks: I have never heard Miranda Lambert's "Little Red Wagon" -- that's a fun song!
    And so is "Redneck's Yacht Club". I came across the song while putting my playlist together but I didn't listen to the whole song until now. Glad you included it.

    Looking forward to getting to know you. Love the title of your blog and what it's all about!

    Have a great week,

    Michele at Angels Bark

  5. This theme was made especially for country music. All of these songs were new to me before this theme. And, I think I told another MMMMer that Redneck Yacht Club reminded me of Beaver Lake in Northwest Arkansas and all the "party boats" that would gather there. I get seasick just thinking of water, but it still brought back memories of years ago. Alana

  6. You have been missed, my friend! LOVE the new digs - can't wait to read/see more of it! Good idea finishing out the school year - then next year they can start fresh in a new school. Plus, 'trickling' stuff there will make the 'big' move in June not so stressful. ;)

    LOVE your song choices - I almost picked some of those, I'm sure glad you did so I could do some dancin' in my seat! :)


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