Monday, June 13, 2016

Music Monday

So here we are at another Monday. This last weekend was a quiet one for us.  We watched a friends itty bitty chihuahua. The boys were totally in love with him by the time he was picked up. 
Nick kept his foot up and just tried to let it heal more. I did got yard saling and found a few things, but really there wasn't many to go see and I wasn't looking for anything specific. 
We did get a couple of spectacular thunderstorms.  Nick loves watching weather.
Hopefully next weekend we can be slightly more active.  As long as Nick's foot continues to improve, we should be able to take a small road trip for Father's day.  I can hope anyway.

MMMM this week is a freebie:
Dierks Bentley with It's Different for Girls:

Kip Moore with Running for You:

William Michael Morgan with I Met a Girl:
Enjoy the music!

1 comment:

  1. Hope Nick's foot will heal sooner.

    I haven't been yard saling in a very very long time. I would want to go with a friend.

    The thunderstorms here are spectacular too. So much water though...flooding.

    Thanks for rocking with us.



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